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How To Rent A Dumpster ?

Posted by davesabuilder on January 25, 2018 at 3:40 PM

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

If you are cleaning out your home, doing some landscaping, planning a remodel, starting a construction project, or performing storm damage recovery, you will likely find yourself in need of a dumpster rental service. Renting a dumpster will give you an easy way to dispose of all of the debris that will need to be removed in these situations. In this cost guide, we examine the average costs of renting a dumpster, which typically depend on dumpster size, types of debris, and length of time.


Most dumpster rental companies set their prices based not only on the size of the dumpster you choose and the length of the rental period, but also the current cost of fuel and the distance from their location to yours. You will need to contact companies to receive firm price quotes.


Rental period

Periods range from per-day, per-week, and per-month. Some companies also provide 10-day rental periods. Per-day periods are for short-term needs. Prices start around $25 for a one-day rental of a smaller dumpster, and go up to $300 for a large dumpster. Prices per week can range between $120-$620 depending on the size of the dumpster. For one month, expect to pay $480 for smaller dumpsters, and as much as $2000 for large dumpsters. Companies may provide discounts for month-long rental periods.


Flate rate vs variable rate

Choosing flat rate rental terms can make it easier to predict what your final costs will be. Flat rate terms usually allow for you to dispose of a greater amount of debris than you could with variable rate terms, without incurring added fees. This doesn’t mean that variable rates are more expensive, just less predictable.



The size of dumpster you should choose depends on what you need it for, the type of debris you’re disposing, and the amount of debris. Dumpsters are typically rented for disposing of household junk, furniture, landscaping debris, and renovation/construction debris.


Size Best For Average Weight Capacity Cost Per Week

4-8 yards Small home cleanout jobs 500 lbs.-3000 lbs. $120-$300

10 yards Small home cleanout jobs 5000 lbs. $330

15 yards Medium/large home cleanout jobs 7000 lbs. $390

20 yards Medium/large home cleanout jobs 20,000 lbs. $400-$500

30 yards Commercial cleanout jobs 20,000 lbs. $430-$520

40 yards Commercial cleanout jobs 20,000 lbs. $500-$620



Enhancement and improvement costs

Heavy debris

If you are disposing of a large amount of brick, concrete, or other heavy materials, you may need to rent a special dumpster designed for heavier loads. A 30-yard dumpster built to hold 20,000 lbs. of heavy debris costs an average of $400 to rent.


Extra days

Most dumpster rental services will accommodate you if you need to use the dumpster for longer than you planned. Fees start around $10-$15 per extra day after the end of your contracted rental period.


Additional considerations and costs


Weight limits are set for most dumpsters, and especially those holding certain types of debris (like concrete). If you exceed the weight limit, the dumpster may not be able to be hauled away, and you may have to pay a fine. There are usually restrictions on what types of debris can be thrown into dumpsters. Disposal of banned items like tires, paint cans, refrigerants, batteries, hazardous materials, and other specific items restricted by your dumpster provider will result in fines. Fines for restriction violations can run as high as $500.


Hazardous materials

Most dumpster rental services ban the disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos 1, pesticide, propane 2 tanks, refrigerants, etc. If you need to get rid of these materials, do not throw them in your rented dumpster. If you do, you will be fined (as much as $500) and the materials will be returned to you. You will need to call your local Waste Management department to arrange for safe disposal.


Landfill fees

Many dumpster rental services include landfill fees in their rental prices, but some don’t. If they aren’t included, you’ll receive a separate bill for the landfill fees after the company has hauled the dumpster away. Average landfill fees range from $20-$50 per ton.



These sturdy bags are designed for the disposal small debris - household junk, sod, dirt, concrete, rocks, and small construction debris. Bagsters generally hold loads of up to 3300 lbs and cost $30 each to purchase. Pick-up fees are $90-$110 per bag.


Junk removal service

This is an alternative to dumpster rental services. Junk removal services will pick up and remove debris from your location, charging $100 for small loads, up to $500 or more for large loads.



Placing your rented dumpster on a public street will usually require a permit, which costs an average of $40-$75 per dumpster, per week. Your permit fee may vary depending on what state, city, and/or county you are renting the dumpster in.


Remote delivery locations

If a dumpster rental service has to drive very far to deliver your dumpster, they may charge you an additional fee per mile to cover the cost of fuel. These fees are dependent on current gas prices.

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How to Rent a Dumpster - Cost & Tips for Success

Posted by davesabuilder on November 24, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Many Homeowners need a dumpster for their project and some general information can help to make this task a success.

Do you have questions on How Dumpster Rental Works


Most people have probably seen large waste containers sitting in front of homes that are being remodeled. They look almost like a large storage container and not like the typical treash dumpsters that sit behind a business.


A dumpster rental company will bring the roll off dumpster to your house and will place it on the street or in your driveway. The dumpster can be filled with scrap material and any other construction debris.  When you have filled the dumpster up or you have no more waste, simply call the dumpster rental company, and they will come and haul it to the landfill for disposal.


Best Times to Rent a Roll away Dumpster


If you are a do-it-your selfer and you are going to rip out walls, flooring, roofing, windows, siding, etc, then renting a dumpster is definetly required. The waste that you create has to be removed, and this is the most efficient method hauling it away.

Large yard projects where you are removing shrubs, trees, sod, play equipment, etc. are great candidates for a waste dumpster. 

These receptacles are perfect if you are moving out of a house and need to do some serious decluttering, furniture, bookshelves, dressers, tables, exercise equipment, carpet,  doors, rugs, are all acceptable in these waste containers. 

Residential Dumpster Rental Size and Cost


The average cost to rent a trash dumpster anywhere is around $400. Residential projects will likely need 1-2 Dumpsters, whereas big, time intensive renovations will need 2-10 roll off containers. Most dumpster rental companies are going to have several different sizes of dumpsters, and most will includc7-days of rental time. Your local companies will likely have different options for you and your particular area.


Dumpster sizes are going to vary state-to-state and company by company. A typical company is likely to have many differant sizes. The dumpsters come in the following sizes, 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard and 30 yard. If you discuss what you are looking to toss out with your rental company, they will usually know which size is best.


ABC's to Renting a Dumpster


Dumpsters can cause some problems if you are not prepared for its arrival.


First, make sure that your street or driveway is clear for where you want the container to go. Sitting it too far from your house can cause you to have to walk everything a long distance, which is not ideal.

Second, you might have to park far away from your house if the Dumpster is taking up your parking space.

Third, The Roll Off has a maximum weight that it can hold.  If you have heavy debris that you need to dispose of please make the Dumpster company aware of what you are hauling so they can deliver the correct waste container

Finally, Call a Local Dumpster Company that understands the area that you need the container delivered to.